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HTTPS is Now Enabled!

Hey, this is just a small message to tell you that I have _finally_ taken the time to switch to HTTPS (thanks to Let's Encrypt), so this is all good. There should not be any problems related to that, but if there are some, please tell me. (Part V is on the way!)
February 15, 2017

Site is Now Responsive!

Hi everyone, first of all, a happy new 2017 year to you all! Just a small message to tell you that I've made the site responsive-ish (I've made a 5-minute fix which should allow you to read the site on mobile ; but it's not perfect). I have actually plans to re-think the design of the site, so I'll make it right this time. Also, Part IV is almost finished, sorry for the delay, 2016's end of year was very busy for me!
January 2, 2017